Council on a mission to clean up Ryedale

Residents can share images of themselves picking up litter to win a prize.
Residents can share images of themselves picking up litter to win a prize.

Ryedale District Council has started a major 12-month project to tackle fly tipping, waste, dog fouling, recycling and litter in an attempt to keep the district clean.

The drive, called ‘Don’t be a Waster – reduce, reuse, respect’, will focus on a different issue each month.

The council is currently working with parish councils, community groups, schools and local businesses to see how the region can tackle the issues together.

September sees the campaign concentrate on litter with Ryedale joining the #1PieceOfRubbish social media initiative.

Residents can share images on social media, showing themselves picking up a piece of rubbish and putting it in a bin. They will then be entered into a competition to win great prizes supplied by the local business community.

Councillor Luke Ives, chairman of the council’s Policy and Resources Committee, said: “We love our district. We’re proud of it and we want to encourage pride in our towns and villages.

“It’s not just about the environmental benefits of less landfill and more recycling.

“This is bigger, better and wider than that. We want to bring together partners, community groups and the residents who already make a difference.

“We plan to work with a local community group on an innovative art project to deter fly tippers.

“We’ve spent the last 12 months working on this, assessing what’s going on in our communities, and how we can use that to raise awareness of these issues.”

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