Council plucks dead fish from Peasholm Lake

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An investigation has been launched by Scarborough Council after fish swimming in Peasholm Lake were mysteriously killed.

Council Environmental Service staff waded through the waters at the historic park last week to pluck the dead fish from the lake, which had been drained in order to complete essential maintenance work on the bandstand.

A source with ties to the Park claims that around 150 fish were killed – although the authority are still baffled by what has lead to the fish deaths.

The council is currently 
exploring a number of 
different theories as to the cause of the fatalities.

A possible theory is the deaths are attributable to a decrease in oxygen levels in the lake.

Another theory put forward has been that the unseasonably cold weather has caused the fish to simply ‘freeze to death’.

A spokesperson for the Environment Agency said that they are aware of the situation, and are working with Scarborough Council to get to the root of the problem.

Besides the dead fish, water samples were also taken from the lake for testing.

It’s understood that the lake had been drained by the council for the first time in around eight years, in order to carry out the work.

The number of fish affected are only believed to be a small percentage of aquatic life in the lake.