Council seek young blood to help out

A Filey town councillor has broken her self-imposed silence to call for younger people in the town to lend a hand.

Cllr Marion Wright has previously made an anonymous appeal for more young people to help out with events in Filey, having said that it’s the “same faces” who organise and run events.

However, at the Town Council meeting on Wednesday, she broke her silence, saying: “I can tell you now that I’m the person who said we need younger people in the town.

“At the end of the day, we have the same people involved, but what happens when these people aren’t there anymore?”

At the Town Council meeting, she added that the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations were not what they could have been, with residents apparently bemoaning the lack of bunting in the town.

Mrs Wright, also Chairman of Filey in Bloom, added: “I was asked to help out, but I had to say to them ‘No, I’ve just got too much on,”

She now wants youngsters in the town to come forward to help with events.

She’s previously noted that a lot of the groups who organise Filey events, such as the Filey Lions and the Town Council, are predominately made up of aging members.

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