Council to hold showdown talks after football pitches left ‘a mess’

Olivers Mount ,players leaving bottles after the matchPicture Richard Ponter 131510
Olivers Mount ,players leaving bottles after the matchPicture Richard Ponter 131510

Football bosses are set for crunch showdown talks with Scarborough Council after players left pitches in a ‘disgraceful’ state.

Council bosses will call for teams playing at Oliver’s Mount to clean up their act, after “thoughtless” footballers left rubbish strewn all over the pitches at the weekend – causing extra work for the over-stretched parks department.

Hundreds of plastic bottles were dumped by players over the weekend, and a walker in the area, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “It’s just a complete disgrace.

“They have basically turned up, played and left, without a care about anybody else or the environment.

“I was disgusted that they couldn’t even be bothered to pick up. It’s a selfish attitude and the council should think twice about letting them play if that’s how they are going to treat the place.”

Sunday league committee member Paddy Parke said that although he hadn’t personally been to the pitches for several months, he knows teams have previously been warned by the council over leaving debris.

He said: “Teams have been told in previous years that if they use it, it’s on the basis that they clean up afterwards.

“You expect a little here and there, but if they were to lose the pitches, it would be a big loss at the moment as we are struggling for pitches in the town.”

Currently, there are 13 pitches in use at Oliver’s Mount, and teams were in action on both days at the weekend.

Andrew Williams, Scarborough Borough Council’s Leisure Manager, said: “We are fully aware of the rubbish left behind by football pitch users.

“We’ve discussed the problems with the football leagues in the past and will be doing so again with a view to agreeing measures that should help prevent the problems happening in the future.”