Council to ‘just fall short’ on cuts targets

Scarborough Town Hall.
Scarborough Town Hall.

A new report shows that Scarborough Council is currently falling short of making initial target savings across several departments.

And the authority estimates that while it is on course to make millions of pounds worth of cuts, it will still just fall slightly short of initial estimates.

Scarborough Council’s Audit Committee will meet today to discuss a report on the progress of the Northgate effieincy programme.

The company has been brought in by the council to help streamline key services, in order to make vital savings.

The programme aims to trim services in six key departments, with the cash-strapped authority needing to shed millions of pounds from its budget over the next few years.

The report shows that in terms of cumulative savings, the council estimates that by the end of the contract in December 2013, it will have saved just over £2.1 million pound, having so far saved £1.46 million.

However, initial estimates showed the council hoped to save £2.3 million.

And in terms of base budget savings, which accure year on year, the council predicts that by the end of the contract, it will make £1.16 million pounds worth of savings.

This is just short of initial estimates of savings totalling £1.29 million.

In terms of base budget savings, the council estimates that targets will fail to be met in several departments. Scarborough Council had hoped to make savings totalling £303,960 by the end of the contract. However, only £178,744 will be slashed from the budget. Similar shortfalls are estimated in democratic and support services, as well as housing benefits.

However, authority finance chiefs estimate that cuts in finance and local tax and recovery will be up.