Council training up extra staff to tackle dog fouling

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Scarborough Council is beefing up its fight against dog fouling, by training up staff to help the under-staffed warden service.

We can exclusively reveal that the authority plans on training up the “majority” of park staff to act as the eyes and ears of the council, in order to help increase the number of offenders prosecuted for dirtying Scarborough’s streets.

The proposals follow on from The Scarborough News’ ‘Barking Back’ campaign, in which the paper pushed for improvements in cleaning the town’s streets.

It started after we revealed that only 17 fouling fines had been administered by Scarborough Council in five years.

It comes in the same week a borough councillor has called for a fresh clampdown against mess makers – as his ward is continuously blighted by irresponsible dog owners.

“It’s all over the footpaths – it’s absolutely disgusting,” said Ramshill councillor Nick Brown.

“Every other call I get is about dog dirt, we need some high profile prosecutions.”

He said one of the biggest issues locally is the number of people living in Ramshill fleetingly, and with no real pride in the area.

He added: “I think what we need to do is get community pride back.

“People have to say this is our space, and I’m not prepared to let you do things like that.”

Cllr Brown is now trying to fend off foulers by implementing his own scheme in the fight against fouling.

He’s put up signs at popular dog walking spots, such as Grovesnor Crescent Gardens, to deter would-be offenders.

And he’s called on people to report those offending, adding: “It shouldn’t be looked on as spying, but protecting their community from the selfish, irresponsible people who take advantage of us all.”

The Scarborough News’ ‘Barking Back’ campaign has so far revealed that only 17 fines had been handed out throughout the borough in the past five years – and almost half of all the dog mess in Scarborough contains worm eggs.

Tests carried out by experts from Swanzdale Vets revealed that two in five samples scooped up at a town centre green space – often used by children – contained the disease carrying parasites. The Scarborough News has also appealed to businesses in the town to sponsor special bins that encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs.

And a couple of businesses have followed our ‘lead’ by pledging money to fund buying the bag-carrying devices.