Council warning about mystery caller

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Scarborough Council is warning members of the public about a hoax caller targeting local residents and claiming to work for the council.

The council was alerted to the problem by concerned members of the public yesterday.

A man calling himself Mike Serrato, claiming to be from Scarborough Borough Council or Scarborough Town Council is targeting local residents and asking them whether they’ve had a fall in any of the borough’s town centres in the last three years.

On other occasions, the same man has been asking about road accidents and saying he is working with Scarborough Council regarding claims.

The man is calling from an anonymous number but did give out a Blackpool area number to one member of the public who asked for a number to call him back on.

Martin Pedley, Scarborough Council asset and risk manager said: “We would like to reassure members of the public that Mr Serrato does not work for us and isn’t operating on our behalf. We have no connection to him and he is making false statements about his relationship with us.

“None of our staff or representatives are making cold calls fishing for information about falls or road accidents and this is not something we would ever do.

We urge members of the public not to engage with Mr Serrato.

“Anyone that does receive a call from him or any other suspicious caller claiming to be from the council can report it to our Customer First team by calling 01723 232323.”