Councillors must listen to the electorate

Is it time for Scarborough councillors to listen to the electorate?

Having digested the many letters to your paper and Ian Duncan’s report in the latest edition of the Scarborough News regarding the forthcoming decision regarding the Town Hall, it is obvious that general opinion in our town is opposed to the relocation of the Town Hall to the former Skipton Building Society site at Eastfield. However, the many residents of Scarborough that I speak to feel that the council has already decided that it will ignore the electorate and will press-on regardless and vote to relocate! Indeed, most people feel that their councillors have not often taken local opinion into account on many occasions over many years.

In the Scarborough News article I refer to above, I notice that the following councillors appear to be in-favour of relocation: Cllr Tom Fox (leader of Scarborough Council), Cllr Brian Simpson (leader of the Liberal group), Cllr Derek Bastiman (leader of the Conservative group).

Collect the names of other councillors who appear to be voting for relocation and share this information with friends, neighbours and townspeople via all the modern means of communication – including the Scarborough News.

At the next election - campaign vigorously to ensure that they are NOT re-elected.

Jeanette Carr

Murchison Street