‘Country by the sea’

The striking water wheel bedecked with flowers in the village of Cayton. 103231b
The striking water wheel bedecked with flowers in the village of Cayton. 103231b

Country by the sea, describes this walk in a nutshell!

By simply taking a short drive of about three miles south of Scarborough, you quickly leave behind the crowds and busy streets to inhale fresh country air!

Take the A165 Filey/Bridlington road out of Scarborough if you have private transport. Otherwise the number one Cayton bus departs from Boyes store at five minutes to the hour, and the 120 departs from opposite the railway station at five minutes past the hour. Do check that you may dismount on Osogdby Hill or nearby.

From Osgodby Hill, cross the A165 with care and enter Osgodby Lane. Almost immediately passing several shops to the right, Osgodby Lane winds pleasantly south to unite with Church Lane leading into Cayton village.

Look out for the Poachers Barn, prominently situated on the right bend, should you wish to partake in refreshment before your trek. Ignoring a road off right which leads to Eastfield, just relax and enjoy the easy descent as far as the ‘Cayton’ sign. You’ll see North Lane to the right, and a large white house. Just beyond, as you approach the church, turn left along Limekiln Lane so that the churchyard is to your right.

At the end of Limekiln Lane you meet Mill Lane. Here, go left up Mill Lane, and in season you’ll marvel at a striking water wheel bedecked with flowers near this road junction. Cayton is renowned for its spectacular floral displays. Can you find the Mill House along Mill Lane?

To your left, beautifully screened by trees etc is Cayton Village Caravan Park. I suggest you keep to the pleasant, narrow footpath along the right hand verge to avoid traffic.

Just beyond the 30mph limit sign, again in summertime you’ll admire a boat named the Floral Anchor.

Ascending Mill Lane towards Cayton Bay, a holiday park features to your right, and just ahead to your left is Brown and Cliff Farm and Caravan Park. New caravans are for sale on private sites. You’ll also discover The Tow Bar which is open daily for refreshment.

Reaching the traffic island, cross the busy road to take the public footpath opposite. It’s the left one which drops steeply to the shore at Cayton Bay, where ice creams etc are usually sold in season. From this point you have options: a) You may choose to return along the right verge footpath beside Osgodby Hill to your starting point; b) Descend into Cayton Bay itself and explore the delightful shore with its golden sands; rocks to the south; surfing and swimming etc; c) This third option is the one indicated on the map. Simply descend only as far as the well-used cross-path going both left and right. At this junction, go left to cross a field and gently ascend to re-unite with Osgodby Hill. It’s a lovely walk across Tenants Cliff, and the coastal and country views are superb. You may even think you’re in Scotland midst Highland cattle, should the shaggy, russet-brown long-horned cattle be grazing there. Just ignore them, and they’ll (hopefully) ignore you. They’re used to having visitors invade their peaceful pastures. Please keep any dogs leashed.

Your public footpath gradually rises to give access into Osgodby Hill. Continue in the same line of direction alongside the roadside verge footpath, to return to Osgodby Lane and your original departure point.

There is a good bus service in both directions, should you require public transport.

Distance of arrowed route: four miles approximately.

Refreshment: The Tow Bar (top of Mill Lane near Cayton Bay shops - top of Osgodby Lane), Russell’s Mini Mart in Cayton’s Main Street.