Cover band set to rock at Vivaz

AN AC/DC cover band playing at Vivaz on Saturday has stepped up a gear by recruiting Angus Young’s nephew as its guitarist.

The new recruit – also called Angus Young – joined since AC/DC-UK last played at Vivaz, two years ago.

The band’s website says: “Each band member’s passion for AC/DC has brought them together to form the closest show you are ever likely to see in honour of the best rock band ever.

“We don’t claim to be the AC/DC show; we leave that for other fools to claim. What we do claim is to give you two hours of your fave Acca/Dacca tracks in proper music venues with great atmospheres, at a sensible price. “Be prepared for an explosion of thunder, lightning, firing cannons, pure raw energy and high voltage rock ‘n’ roll. “With the true AC/DC sound and stage show, AC/DC-UK recreate the powerful rock ‘n’ roll atmosphere the legendary rock gods have created for over 30 years”.