'Crawl to the coast': Your views on the A64

It's one of Yorkshire's most controversial roads.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 11th April 2017, 2:46 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:52 pm

In today's Yorkshire Post, columnist Andrew Vine derided the single-carriageway route between Leeds, York and Scarborough as the 'crawl to the coast' amid calls for it to be dualled along its entire length.

Huge tailbacks at peak holiday times, he believes, are potentially wiping millions from Scarborough, Whitby and Filey's tourist-dependent economy.

The column received a large response from followers of the Yorkshire Post Facebook page. We've rounded up a number of their comments and suggestions.

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Bill Tomlin: You're forgetting, this is the north of England. If they had this problem in the south it would have been upgraded years ago. What are our local elected politicians doing about it? I suggest NOTHING!

Jemima Gale Askew: Try it when it's your work commute! Major pet hate is when people don't use both lanes to filter in off Hopgrove - and someone always pulls to the middle to stop people using both lanes. They are not pushing in! There are two lanes for a reason.

Michael Hodgson: Only buffoons use the A64. When we go to the coast by car we never use the A64. We use one of the scenic routes where you are lucky if you come across a couple of dozen cars until you reach the coast. You get there much quicker and don't have to put up with all the nutters driving on the A64.

David Wood: How about electrifying the York-Scarborough railway line instead (along with the rest of the Transpennine route of course), whilst increasing the frequency of the service. Scarborough is already a clogged-up car park.

Nick Bell: It already has funding for the Hopgrove section; the local MP, Kevin Hollinrake, is pushing for this improvement which is badly needed; the road's a joke!

William Hodgson: Have a look on a map at how many roads lead to the coast. Only the stupid use the A64.

Ruth Dale: According to our MP Robert Goodwill at a meeting a couple of years ago, we don't need it this side of Malton, neither do we need a through train from Liverpool when the line is electrified and we all have to change at York! When challenged on this, saying day trippers and holiday makers with families won't come if they have to get off and on at York, his answer was that he has to change at York when he travels home from London.

David Hoggard: The A64 is simply not fit for purpose. And hasn't been for many years. I know Kevin Hollinrake is pushing hard on the environmental and business case for this. We need to get behind him on this, irrespective of party politics.

Meka Stand: Scarborough's MP was also a transport minister, if the coast was to get a dual carriageway it would have happened and it was a manifesto for his original election pledge. Then again, if we on the coast got a decent road then there may also better jobs becoming available and there would be no-one to work seasonally in the resorts.

Peter Hanselman: They have only been talking about it since I was born - there is not and never has been money for the north, just more and more things taken away.

Judy Popley: Disgraceful situation and dangerous road. Come on Welcome to Yorkshire! Get a campaign going and as for the ring road around York - It's a joke.

Gail Wood: I love the seaside BUT we have some amazing places here in Yorkshire so why do people spend hours wasting the weather by being in the car?

Maureen Brown: We travelled to the coast back when you drove through Malton, and it took all morning to arrive at the coast.

Mandy Hemsley: Two and 3/4 hours to get back to Leeds from Whitby on Sunday afternoon. The hold-ups are due to single lane stretches.

Gareth Taylor: How about more cheap parking at train stations and Park 'n' Train it.

Marina Buckley: Not just people who come to the coast, there are people who are visiting York. It's been the same on that road since I was a kid. Everyone has cars now, kids at 17 are driving around. It's just volume of traffic I'm afraid.

Dryden Cooper: The various by-passes were supposed to end that problem.Just like any other traffic-related problem, adding more lanes creates a problem somewhere else.

Yorkshire Coastal Cottages: Go via the A1, A19 and Guisborough. Never any hold-ups...