£100,000 art theft ‘a creative expression’

POLICE are continuing to investigate a £100,000 art theft which took place in Scarborough on Monday night.

Artist Kane Cunningham had 40 of his own paintings taken from his studio at Knipe Point and 26 belonging to his friend Mik Godley, a well respected artist from the Nottingham area.

The theft was discovered on Tuesday afternoon and included 10 paintings which were due to be exhibited at Scarborough Art Galley in September.

Mr Cunningham bought the landslip-threatened house in December on his credit card for just £3,000 with the intention of using it as a live art project.

He spoke to the Evening News shortly after hearing about the theft, saying he was in shock.

However, he added that he also found it quite exciting and saw the theft as a “creative act in itself”.

Mr Cunningham said: “It’s a wonderful creative act and simply part of the narrative of the house. The house project has always been about the unexpected, creativity and expression so I cannot complain if someone is inspired to rob me.

“It’s a beautiful moment in the history of the house and something to paint about.”

He believes the act was carried out by professional thieves as they only took the paintings and left no fingerprints or marks.

Mr Cunningham said: “In these difficult financial times I can only guess they intend to sell them. I do not believe they are international art thieves, but more likely local entrepreneurs seeking to cash in on my recent worldwide publicity.”

Police now have photo images of the paintings to help trace the stolen work.

Anyone with information is asked to call them on 0845 6060247.