20-year-old was tasered after threats to police

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A Scarborough man whose personality changed following an assault has been jailed for eight months after a string of offences.

John Kelly, 20, who until last year had not offended, was said to have changed since being the victim of a serious assault in which his leg was broken and his face slashed with a knife.

He appeared before York Crown Court for sentencing on a total of five charges – resisting a police officer, two of using threatening behaviour and one each of affray and theft.

Helen Wheatley, prosecuting, said that on March 2 this year Kelly, formerly of Granby Place, had to be subdued by police officers after he and two others were stopped in the town centre.

Kelly was bailed by the police, but then on April 6 he walked into a Nisa store in the town and stole two crates of lager.

Again Kelly was bailed, but the following day he was heard shouting at a woman outside his mother’s home.

When police arrived on the scene Kelly continued shouting and banging around. He threatened officers.

After a period on remand in custody, Kelly was again granted bail and there followed what Miss Wheatley described as the “most serious” events.

The court heard that on April 27 Kelly’s girlfriend attacked him following a row, leading to Kelly reacting and his mother to hide all the knives 
she could find to prevent him from hurting himself or others.

She then left the house for a time, but returned to find Kelly had managed to arm himself with an eight-inch blade which she found in the kitchen.

There were stab marks in walls and doors and spots of blood on the flooring, said Miss Wheatley.

Kelly was then seen in the house holding a dinner knife, leading to the police being called.

Officers had eventually to taser Kelly, but he remained aggressive and had to have his legs strapped as well as being handcuffed.

Andrew Semple, mitigating, said that his client’s change in character appeared to stem back to the assault upon
him 11 months ago, having up to that point done well at school and held down employment.

Mr Semple said Kelly had managed to detox while on remand and now realised the effect he had been having on his loved ones.

Jailing Kelly, Recorder David Bradshaw said that his troubles may stem from the assault, but that many people are victims and have to deal with it without committing serious offences.