62-year-old drink driver slapped with three-year car ban

Bishop was nicked on a late-night drive to pick his girlfriend up.
Bishop was nicked on a late-night drive to pick his girlfriend up.

A 62-year-old whose parents still “pay for everything” has a new bill to settle – after he was convicted of drink driving.

Robert Bishop has also been slapped with a three-year driving ban, having previously been caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

Scarborough magistrates heard how Bishop, of Eastborough, was stopped in his Ford Fiesta by police in the early hours of June 10.

The routine stop in St Thomas Street revealed Bishop was over the limit, despite his claims that he hadn’t touched a drop of booze for several hours.

The roadside breath test showed he was one-and-a-half times over the legal limit.

At Monday morning’s hearing, the court heard that Bishop had only driven 100 yards to pick his girlfriend up when police pulled him over.

Pleading guilty, Bishop - who represented himself - said: “I was fairly sure I was under the limit, I had not had a drink for six to seven hours.”

In mitigation Bishop said he acts as a carer for his mum and dad, who subsidise his “minimal” income by paying his rent and some bills.

A driving ban, he argued, would mean they would also have to fork out for taxis.

“It will make things very difficult,” he said.

“But it’s my own stupid fault, I understand that.”

He was given a three-year ban, and hit with costs and fees totalling £365.

Admitting he won’t bother driving again, he plans on using a cheaper transport method, adding: “I will get a bike.”