92-year-old lady from Scarborough nearly lost £3,700 after being targeted by a fraudster

An elderly lady was targeted by a fraudster in Scarborough.
An elderly lady was targeted by a fraudster in Scarborough.

An elderly lady from Scarborough risked losing thousands of pounds as a result of a scam.

The 92-year-old almost lost £3,700 when she was contacted by a fraudster who made out there was an issue with her computer and phone line.

The offender, who claimed to be called Nick Anderson, kept his victim on the phone for a few hours and directed her to download a remote access program suspected to be Team Viewer.

After doing so, "the heartless suspect" changed the lady's passwords, locking the victim out of her computer.

The alarm was raised when the victim attempted to withdraw an unusual amount of money from her bank which spurred bank staff to contact the police.

PCSO Nathan Stuart, Scarborough's Fraud Ambassador, said: "We have ensured that the victim has been safeguarded against further fraud attempts of this nature. The staff at the bank have acted quickly and have put measures in place to protect their customer."

PCSO Stuart has also revisited the victim with a Cyber Ambassador to prevent any further cyber-enabled fraud being committed.

"The victim's computer was still connected to the internet and the access password had been changed to prevent anyone from stopping the fraudsters. The computer has now been made safe until an IT technician can look at it."

North Yorkshire Police have, within the past year, recruited volunteers from the Cyber Security world who can offer their assistance.

This ensures victims of fraud and cyber enabled fraud, have a better level of safeguarding where it is needed.

Police have issued the following advice:

If you receive a call telling you that there is:

A problem with your computer

A problem with your phone line

Fraud on your telephone line

Issues with your internet.

Do not engage with the caller, do not follow their instructions and simply hang up.

If you receive an email which states:

Your account has been blocked

There is a problem with your computer.

Do not reply, click any link or fill in any form.

Do not give your information out.

If you find a friend or family member in any of the positions listed above.

✔ Disconnect their devices from the internet. ✔ Alert the bank. ✔ Call 101.