Alcohol thief is hit with curfew

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A SCARBOROUGH man who stole alcohol from a town store to “feed” his drinking habit has been handed a community order.

Stephen Jowett, 45, of Westbourne Grove, admitted stealing food and alcohol worth £32.93 from Sainsburys Local, in Ramshill Road, last month.

Scarborough Magistrates’ Court yesterday heard Jowett – who had 62 previous appearance in court – worked with an accomplice to take the items by placing them in a carrier bag before leaving the premises.

Prosecuting, Steve Ovenden said the pair were captured and arrested shortly afterwards where Jowett was open with the police about his actions.

Mr Ovenden revealed Jowett had also breached a previous bail condition for another offence, which included a curfew requirement and for him to present himself to police when they called.

However, he said when officers went to Jowett’s address last week, he failed to answer the door and prove his presence.

Mitigating, Ian Brickman said Jowett had a deep-rooted alcohol problem and took the items in a desperate attempt to ease his heightening addiction.

He said: “He committed this crime purely and simply to feed his habit.

“He had no money or drink and had run out of any medication to help him with his problems of withdrawal from drinking.

“He has a deep-seated problem with alcohol, it is a long-standing issue and he knows it is something he must address.”

Mr Brickman also told the court Jowett was at home when the police had called and instead missed them through fatigue issues.

He added: “He did not answer the door to police because he had been in police custody for most of the day.

“He had gone home and taken some sleeping medication.

“He simply did not hear the police when they knocked at his door.”

After consultation with representatives from the probation service, Magistrates issued Jowett with a four month curfew order.

The curfew – which will see Jowett tagged – orders him to remain indoors between 3pm and 3am each day.