Appeal for security gates at The Bolts

THE owner of Scarborough’s Harbour Bar is calling for action to make seafront passageway “The Bolts” more secure following a fight, which led to the police being called.

A brawl broke out in The Bolts, off Sandside, at around 5.20pm on Thursday, causing staff to be so fearful they locked the doors and called 999.

Staff member Anna Stanton said: “There were two men with their shirts off fighting. There was also a third trying to break it up.

“They were quite vicious and were definitely drunk. There were four of us working and we could hear all the noise outside.”

Miss Stanton, 24, added that staff regularly have to walk across The Bolts to get to the Harbour Bar’s ice cream factory.

She said: “It was quite frightening, so we locked the door for protection.

“This has happened before when people have been at work, so we’re definitely concerned about the passageway.”

Harbour Bar owner Giulian Alonzi said: “We have tried before to get some curfew gates at The Bolts, which would be closed in an evening.

“Staff often have to cross from the shop to the factory and it can be very frightening if there are people around who are drunk, or even taking drugs.

“We got lights up and security cameras, but something else does need to be done.”

The incident was logged with the police, who are now looking at a way forward.