Appeal to find school’s stolen shed

AN URGENT appeal is being lodged by a group of Scarborough primary school children who are trying to trace their stolen shed.

The Gardening Club, at St Peter’s Primary School, were shocked to find their new shed had been stolen before it had even been built.

The shed had been purchased with money raised by the school’s Parents Association, and was going to be used to store gardening equipment, spades and wheelbarrows.

Thieves are believed to have taken the shed on Wednesday, March 30 in the evening after it had been delivered to the North Lees Avenue school that day.

The shed had been placed behind the school garage to await the joiner who was going to permanently fix it to the ground and build the shed. However the next morning it had gone.

A neighbour saw two men lift the shed pieces over the school fencing and walk in the direction of Barrowcliff estate. The neighbour called the police and on their arrival they found the thieves and the shed had gone.

St Peter’s headteacher Louise Finlay said: “I am very disappointed that someone has done this, and I am shocked that they would take from children at a school.

“I am hopeful that someone will see this shed or they will know someone that has a shed for sale, and we will be able to get it back.”

The school’s gardening club is a successful group with 33 children of all ages across the school attending.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact thee Police on 0845 6060 247.