Art theft riddle

PAINTINGS stolen from a Scarborough artist’s studio at Knipe Point have been mysteriously returned.

More than 60 pieces of artwork belonging to Kane Cunningham and Mik Godley, valued at around £100,000, was stolen from the cliff-top bungalow in March.

The paintings were all brought back on a low loader truck in broad daylight by a mystery unnamed intermediary.

The go-between had managed to locate the works and brought them all back all safe and sound through his various contacts.

It was believed they were planned to be shipped abroad before they were found and brought back.

Mr Cunningham said: “I never expected to see them again. All I can say at this point is that the paintings are back home and that they have been moved to various safe locations around the country.

“It has been a very interesting time for me and so yet another chapter in continuing story of the ‘House Project’.

“I was told it was a case of ‘honour amongst thieves’ and that an art lover had insisted that they should be returned immediately to the house, so they could be seen by the public as a collection of works.

“This is why he stepped in to find them and to bring them back. This to me is a strange but great act of generosity and restores my faith in the power of art as a unifying force for good.”

Mik Godley said “It’s an incredible turn of events, but I’m very relieved to have two years’ work returned, and can’t thank Kane enough for his perseverance through a very upsetting time.

“Some of those paintings were of the very best I’d ever made in thirty years of professional life, utterly irreplaceable. I’d given up on them.”

Kane’s works can be seen in October at Scarborough Art Gallery and Sledmere House in July. Mik’s work is on show this month at the Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, and at the University of Leicester.