Banned for driving without a licence

Drop Folder News / ATEX News.18/10/10. Pic Kevin Allen.'Scarborough Magistrates Court.'104208a
Drop Folder News / ATEX News.18/10/10. Pic Kevin Allen.'Scarborough Magistrates Court.'104208a

A 22-year-old Malton man has been banned from driving for four weeks after he admitted driving without a licence and insurance.

Arron Richard Bulmer, of Ropery Walk, was stopped by officers at 6pm on Tuesday, September 18, driving along the A64 at Barton Hill.

When he appeared at Scarborough Magistrates Court today the bench heard that he was driving his girlfriend’s blue Ford Fiesta at the time.

According to a statement from North Yorkshire Police, which was read out to the court, he identified himself as the driver at the time and that his driving licence had been revoked until he had been retested.

The statement added that Bulmer had accrued six penalty points within his first year of driving and he had “received a driving ban for other offences”.

The car was not displaying L plates and his partner, who was a passenger at the time, did not have a driving licence and was under the age of 21.

Bulmer , who was unrepresented at the hearing, agreed with everything that had been said in court and said it was “correct”.

He added: “When I got banned the first time I didn’t hear anything back from the DVLA – I assumed I could drive.”

When questioned by the bench he confirmed that he had been disqualified following a previous court hearing.

Bulmer said he thought he was covered by his parents’ farm insurance which allowed him to drive on their land.

He added: “I have to be able to drive the agricultural vehicles. Normally that covers me.”

The court also heard that Bulmer needed to be able to drive so that he could visit his sick mother, who is suffering from cancer, while she was in hospital. He added: “It would mean that I couldn’t see my mother in hospital and could not help my gran and grandad.”

Magistrates ordered that Bulmer should be disqualified from driving for a total of 28 days for driving with no insurance and his licence was endorsed for driving while banned.

He was also ordered to pay a £110 fine and £60 costs within three weeks.

Magistrates advised Bulmer that at the end of the disqualification period he should reapply for his licence from the DVLA and he should have it “in his hand” before he got behind a wheel again.