BMX bandit is fined for cycle theft

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A SCARBOROUGH man who bowed to the “quality of the temptation” has been fined after stealing a BMX bike.

Beau Hodgkins, of Lowfield, in Eastfield, pleaded guilty to taking a £184 Cuda BMX from Scarborough Cycle Centre, in Falsgrave Road, in September.

Prosecuting, Catherine Turnbull told Scarborough Magistrates Court Hodgkins, 24, had gone into the shop and asked about a Cuda BMX and the possibility of attaining a discount on the bike.

However, she said when he was rebuffed in his request he turned his attentions to a cheaper alternative.

But when the owner of the shop took the second bike into a back room for preparation, Hodgkins took the original BMX off its rack and ran away.

He then pedalled away from the scene as owner gave chase.

She added when the bike was eventually recovered and returned, the business owner had to sell it second-hand at a loss of £85 due to scratches and damage caused from the incident.

Mitigating, Marcus Topham said Hodgkins was “quite a lonely individual” and was full of remorse.

He said: “He has gone into the shop without any intention of stealing the bike.

“It was a genuine enquiry and not a premeditated theft.

“He had his eye on this one bike but it was beyond his budget.

“The man has gone into the back to tinker with the other bike and the quality of the temptation got too much for him.

“He is ashamed of his conduct.”

Magistrates fined Hodgkins £65 for the theft and ordered him to pay £85 compensation to the store owner for the damage.