Bottle dropped from bridge just misses man

Barrie Buncher narrowly missed being hit by a bottle thrown from Valley Bridge as he walked underneath it.  114769b
Barrie Buncher narrowly missed being hit by a bottle thrown from Valley Bridge as he walked underneath it. 114769b

A SCARBOROUGH man says he is lucky to be alive after “idiots” threw a glass alcopop bottle off Valley Bridge, missing him by inches.

Barrie Buncher, 57, of Malvern Crescent, was walking along Valley Road with his wife Pat, 58, last Saturday at 8pm when the near-tragedy occurred.

Mr Buncher said: “We were going out to meet friends for a drink and we were walking towards Vernon Road.

“All of a sudden this glass just smashed like a grenade in front of me.

“It was like a bomb had gone off. It just exploded everywhere. I think if I had taken maybe two more steps I’d have been dead.”

On realising what had happened, he immediately looked up to get a look at the culprit.

“I tried to get a look at them, but because of the overhang I couldn’t get a look at them.

“All I could hear was laughter.”

The couple decided not to let the incident ruin their night, and went on to meet their friends.

However, after they arrived, the severity of what had happened finally hit home.

“About an hour later, we started to realise just how lucky we had been.

“Pat was in shock and I was thinking that really, I should be dead.

“I mean, if that had hit me, I would have been killed instantly. You just keep thinking to yourself that you shouldn’t really be here.”

Mr Buncher is now leading calls to have CCTV placed in the area after the police informed him that there was nothing much they could do since the incident was not picked up on camera.

He is urging them to install a camera before it’s too late, saying: “We were unbelievably lucky as that bottle fell some distance.

“People killed themselves off that bridge in the past, it is some height.

“Next time this happens someone will be killed, and the police won’t be able to catch them only because it’s not on CCTV.”

Sgt Graeme Kynman, of the Scarborough Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “This is a horrific incident that could have potentially resulted with serious injuries.” However, he said that while cameras are present in the area, it all depends on where they are pointing as to whether or not the incident is recorded.

He added that because Mr Buncher was not able to offer a description of the culprits, then the police were unable to use other cameras in the area to help identify them.

Sgt Kynman has asked for anybody who witnessed or has information about the incident to contact Scarborough Police on 0845 60 60 247 quoting reference 12110196501.