Brothers jailed after brutal attack in Scarborough which left victim with sickening injuries

Two brothers have been jailed for a total of 10 years after a vicious attack which saw their victim floored by a 'blow like Mike Tyson' before having a microwave thrown at or dropped on him while he lay helpless on the floor.

By Court reporter
Monday, 20th May 2019, 10:49 am
Rafal and Kzrytof Twadowski
Rafal and Kzrytof Twadowski

Rafal Twardowski, 33, and Krzytof Twardowski, 37, went to the victim’s home in Eastborough in the dead of night, York Crown Court heard.

When the victim opened the door at the house split into flats, he was immediately felled by a mighty blow by Rafal Twardowski which knocked him to the floor, a jury was told.

He was then dragged upstairs from the hallway to his flat where he was thrown to the ground and kicked and punched in the face, before being thrown against a cupboard. It’s said that Rafal Twardowski then threw at or dropped a microwave on him.

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Prosecutor Nicola Alistari said the brothers - who were with a third man - gave the victim a “severe beating” during a “sustained and repeated” attack in the early hours of May 13 last year.

The victim - a Polish national like the attackers - suffered multiple injuries including at least three facial fractures. He also suffered cuts including one “deep to the bone” caused by the alleged blow with the microwave, as well as heavy bleeding and “severe” bruising to the extent that he couldn’t open his left eye.

Throughout the attack, Rafal Twardowski demanded the victim hand over £1,000 he claimed he owed him.

The victim got a call from Krzytof Twadorski at about 5am saying he was outside his flats and wanted to meet him.

The victim, who was about to go to work, went downstairs reluctantly and opened the door, whereupon Rafal punched him in the face. The victim fell backwards onto the floor and started

bleeding “profusely”.

“Rafal then punched him a few more times in the face and pushed and pulled him up the stairs to his flat,” added Ms Alistari.

“Rafal pushed (the victim) into the kitchen and the force of that… makes him fall face-forward into a cupboard, causing a cut. He’s hurt badly.

“He fell to the floor and Rafal punched him repeatedly in the face. Rafal also kicked him while he was lying on the floor and threw some pots and pans (at him) and picked up a microwave oven and dropped or threw it at (the victim). It hit his back and arm and perhaps his face also.

“While on the floor, he was kicked five or six times in the face. The victim was covered in blood and offering no resistance.”

By now, Krzytof Twardowski had joined in the attack, raining punches down on the victim.

Rafal Twardowski was then said to have picked up an object and smashed the victim’s TV set inside the blood-spattered flat.

“Eventually, the three men left the flat,” said Ms Alistari. “(The victim) picked himself up… and drove to hospital (because) he couldn’t find his phone to call an ambulance.”

A CT scan which showed he had multiple facial fractures and one to his left eye socket, as well as fractures to his nose and above his mouth.

“He had headaches and vomited because of his injuries, and his cuts required stitches,” added Ms Alistari.

He was kept in overnight and continued to suffer from nausea after being discharged the following day.

The brothers - both of Pavilion Square, Scarborough - were arrested and hauled in for questioning.

Rafal Twardowski claimed he attacked the victim because he had “cheated” him out of some money but claimed he had only “slapped and punched him a few times”. He was charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent but denied the allegation.

Kzrytof Twardowski denied GBH with intent and an alternative charge of causing grievous bodily harm without intent.

During their trial, in which the Twardowski brothers were accompanied by a Polish interpreter, the victim said the first blow by Rafal Twardowski was “like (being hit by) Mike Tyson”.

Andrew Semple, for Kzrytof Twadowski, said his client, who had settled in Britain 12 years ago, was a hard-working father-of-two with no previous convictions.

Ben Thomas, for Rafal Twardowski, said his client, who worked as a welder, also had a hitherto-clean record. Both men faced losing their jobs and their homes if they were jailed.

A jury found Rafal Twardowski guilty of GBH with intent but his brother Kzrytof not guilty of the same charge. However, Kzrytof was found guilty of GBH without intent.

Judge Simon Hickey said it was evident that the victim was a “very mild-mannered, decent, hard-working man”. The “extreme” violence meted out to him was “premeditated, sustained and


Jailing Rafal Twardowski for eight years - of which he will serve half behind bars - Mr Hickey said he had “degraded (the victim)” who was “weak, dizzy and bleeding” during the attack.

Kzrytof Twadorski was jailed for two years because he had played a lesser role but was in the thick of the violence.