Burglar’s guilty plea after guest house arrest

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A North Marine Road resident threatened to take his own life after being tracked down by police investigating a burglary in London.

At Scarborough Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Richard Everett (30) pleaded guilty to the robbery, which saw him gain entry to a home by climbing into the ceiling.

The burglary took place at a block of flats on Park View Road in London between June 2-14. A friend of Everett’s lived in the same building and hatched a plan to steal two televisions, valued at £600 from a neighbour.

Everett’s accomplice claimed the victim owed him money, and under police interview Everett said: “That’s what you do, you help your friends and I would do anything for him.”

Everett, who suffers from the debilitating Crohn’s Disease, had previously served a six month custodial sentence for another offence.

Martin Hawes prosecuting for CPS, said: “The Crown say this was an offence which showed a relatively high degree of planning.”

The pair gained entrance to the flat through a ceiling hatch in the communal area of the block of flats.

They climbed into the roof space and then the other man knocked a hole through the ceiling, allowing them to drop into the kitchen.

While entering the property through the hole in the roof, Everett cut his hand, and forensic teams were able to use this blood to trace him.

Following the burglary, Everett claimed he did not know what happened to the televisions and Mr Hawes said he “went to ground” in Scarborough, where police this week traced him to The Brindley Hotel on North Marine Road.

When armed police visited the hotel to arrest Everett, they found him within a locked room, making threats to harm himself. He is also reported to have stood at a window, holding a knife to his own neck.

Trained police negotiators were able to reason with Everett and he was taken into custody.

Everett will be sentenced at York Crown Court on March 6.