Call for action on ‘malicious’ pupils

Teachers' union rep Anne Swift
Teachers' union rep Anne Swift

THE LAW should be changed to protect teachers and punish students who make malicious accusations against them, it was claimed following the William Stuart verdict.

Anne Swift, an executive member of the National Union of Teachers, said that what Mr Stuart and his family had gone through had been “every teacher’s worst nightmare.”

She said teachers accused of offences against pupils should be granted anonymity until accusations are proven and that there should be repercussions for pupils and their families if they make unfounded allegations.

She said: “I’m glad that justice has been done and a teacher who was only doing their job by trying to maintain order and discipline has been exonerated.

“It’s all to easy for young people and their families to make malicious allegations against teachers.

“We need to hand authority back to teachers in classrooms.

“Bill Stuart is an excellent teacher, a man of good character and a pillar of the local community. I hope he goes back to teaching.”