Calls for action on Eastborough yobs

A SCARBOROUGH businessman is calling for a crackdown on “drunken yobs” in Eastborough.

Brian Hewitt, who owns The Captain’s House Oil Paintings shop in the street, is speaking out following a “violent incident” over the weekend.

Police were called mid afternoon to Eastborough where around 15 men were fighting in the street and throwing bottles.

The incident resulted in three arrests, one of which was later charged, and one cautioned. The men arrested were from Hull, while the man who was cautioned was from Beverley.

Speaking after the incident Mr Hewitt says more needs to be done to prevent such behaviour.

In a letter to the Evening News he said: “This was a very violent incident. Families with young children and babies were frightened and running for cover in fear of their safety.

“Saturday afternoons down Eastborough have for many years now been plagued by drunken yobs swearing and using threatening behaviour, causing decent holidaymakers and locals alike to boycott the area.”

However Scarborough Police say this weekend’s incident was a “one off” and that crime in the area is falling.

Safer Neighbourhoods inspector Tony Quinn, who attended the scene, said: “Most of the time we don’t have problems in Eastborough during the day; this was a one off.

“This incident involved two groups, neither of which were from the Scarborough area.

“We have made big improvements in the Eastborough area, with crime and anti-social behaviour figures down year on year.”

Cllr Janet Jefferson, who works with the Safer Neighbourhoods link, agrees.

She also runs a business and lives in Eastborough, and said: “Yes we can get problems on a Saturday night when people come in big groups, however on this occasion I think it was an isolated incident.

“We don’t see things like this happen during the day as it did on Saturday, which was caused by visiting drinkers.

“As businesses on Eastborough we all work together and were able to contact the police so the incident was dealt with quickly and efficiently.”

Scarborough Police are still seeking witnesses to Saturday’s incident.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact North Yorkshire Police on 08450 6060 247 quoting reference number 12110113634.