Camera catches 1,805

Mobile Police camera
Mobile Police camera

NORTH Yorkshire Police’s mobile safety camera has seen 1,805 motorists prosecuted for exceeding the speed limit during its first month of operation, it has been revealed.

The camera technology used within the van can detect the speed of approaching and receding traffic from up to 1,000 metres away and captures 360 degree images of the location. The device is particularly effective at detecting motorcycles and produces high-quality images of vehicles and the riders or drivers.

A six-month pilot was launched last month in a bid to reduce road casualties across the county.

Police have announced they will be carrying out mobile safety camera enforcement on the following roads between today and Tuesday: B1427 Queen Margaret’s Road, Stoney Haggs Road, Seamer, B1249 at Staxton Wold near Staxton, A171 Scarborough to Whitby Road, B1460 Castle Road, Whitby, A171 Scaling Dam, A171 Guisborough Road, A169 Whitby to Pickering Road near to Goathland, A169 Whitby to Pickering Road at High Horcum, A64 Malton bypass, A170 Scarborough to Thirsk Road at Snainton, A64 Seamer by-pass Scarborough, B1257 Helmsley to Stokesley Road, A19 Crathorne, A1036 Malton Road, A1036 Malton Road, York, A165 Reighton bypass between Sands Road and Hunmanby Road, A64 Seamer Road, Broadway, Fulford, York, B1222 Naburn Lane, B1228 Elvington, Church Balk, Dunnington, Murton Way Murton, Fordlands Road, Fulford, A64 Tadcaster and A1237 York outer ring road.