Cancer patient left with broken arm

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A Scarborough man undergoing cancer treatment was attacked in his own home by a drunken friend and left with a broken arm.

The victim who was being treated for facial cancer, also had his prosthetic nose dislodged by a punch from hotel worker Andrew Beckett after they had been drinking with others.

However, Beckett, 39, of North Street, Scarborough, continued the attack, jumping and stamping several times on his victim’s arm.

The cancer sufferer, who had an operation on that arm to provide a bone graft for his face had to undergo further surgery after the attack to have a metal plate and pins inserted to treat the fracture, being left with a permanent scar.

Beckett appeared before York Crown Court on Wednesday, July 10 for sentencing having previously admitted a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm during the attack on February 24, this year.

Helen Wheatley, prosecuting said that Beckett, who has a record of four previous violent episodes whilst under the influence of alcohol, had become increasingly aggressive throughout the drinking session in his victim’s boarding house room.

Matters came to an end when another friend enlisted the help of the landlady who, despite being pushed against a doorframe by Beckett, managed to get him calmed down in her quarters until the police arrived.

Describing his client as “normally a mild mannered, humble, honest man from a loving family” Charles Blatchford, mitigating, said that Beckett now realized his problems and had voluntarily been seeking help for his alcohol consumption.

Adding that Beckett was “petrified” at the thought of his first custodial sentence, Mr Blatchford said that his client had been “horrified” and “ashamed” at his actions and was full of “remorse and guilt”.

The court was told that, if sentenced to immediate custody, Beckett would lose his job at The Grand Hotel and be unable to continue the voluntary treatment which, said Mr Blatchford, would be “better for both the public and my client”.

Passing sentence, Judge Shaun Spencer QC said that the victim had been “vulnerable” and jailed Beckett, for nine months.