Cat death: Police to investigate

Moppet the cat, savagely killed by hunting dogs
Moppet the cat, savagely killed by hunting dogs

POLICE have confirmed they are investigating after a cat was savaged by scores of hunting dogs near Scarborough.

A police spokesman said they were looking into the circumstances of the death of 18-year-old tabby Moppet alongside officers from the RSPCA, after she was attacked outside her home in Stoupe Brow, near Ravenscar.

Moppet was picked up by a huntsman after her ordeal and taken away before being returned to her owners Les and Margaret Atkinson.

She has now been buried.

A second cat, George, escaped from the attack by hiding in a stable.

Mrs Atkinson said: “It was horrific and she didn’t stand a chance.

“She was an old lady and it was not the way for an innocent animal to meet her end.

“Moppet was a big part of the family.”