Chippy is target of ‘direct action’

Owner Robert Hearn and Chef Gary Whit of First Catch in Filey.
Owner Robert Hearn and Chef Gary Whit of First Catch in Filey.

POLICE are hunting for vandals after they smashed the windows of a Filey chippy.

First Catch, in Belle Vue Crescent, was attacked with a sharp weapon in the early hours of Saturday.

It’s believed that the restaurant has been directly targeted by people disgruntled over its takeaway expansion, after the shop opened up its doors at the site of the old Corner Cafe.

Vandals shattered two windows, with large cracks on the other two.

Owner Robert Hearn said: “They must have used an axe or something like that to do it.

“Everybody who I’ve spoken to said they’re disgusted by it.

“It’s a nice town, you don’t expect it to happen here.”

Mr Hearn said that the attack happened at around 3.45am on Saturday and police are now studying more than four hours of CCTV footage taken in the area that night for clues to the attackers identity.

PC Banks, from Filey Police, said that the culprit used a “sharp, bladed instrument” to smash the glass, and that the force say that the incident was undoubtedly an ‘intentional attack” on the shop.

PC Banks added: “The restaurant was a bit of a mess. Luckily for Mr Hearn the glass is quite thick, and not all of it shattered.”

However, he added that the force is still at “square one” over the attacks, and he has urged anybody with any information to contact the police.

At the same time, Mr Hearn has now put up a “substantial” cash reward for anybody who provides any information which leads to a successful prosecution over the attacks.

Anybody with information, should contact Filey Police on their non-emergency number, 101.

Alternatively, contact Mr Hearn at the shop on (01723) 512261.