College worker on student-rape charge

Mark Pearey
Mark Pearey

A MEMBER of staff at a Scarborough college raped and sexually abused a student under his care, it was alleged at a court.

Mark Pearey, 37, was employed as a Student Liaison Officer at the Yorkshire Cost College at the end of 2003 when he is alleged to have started sexually assaulting the 17-year-old.

Pearey, of Swan Hill Road, who left his job in January, 2004, to take up another post, has denied the allegation of rape, along with four offences alleging that he engaged in sexual activity with the girl whilst in a position of trust.

Tom Storey, prosecuting at York Crown Court, said that it had been part of Pearey’s employment to arrange social events for students, and it had been after one of these, a paintballing outing, that the girl was invited to the local hotel room where he was then living and subjected to rape.

The alleged victim, now 24, told the jury that at a student party at a nightclub in 2003, Pearey had called her names after seeing her kissing a fellow student.

This, she said, had been shortly after she had approached Pearey at the college with a request he organise for her to see a counsellor about problems she was having at home with her parents.

Pearey never arranged such a meeting, telling the complainant to continue seeing him instead, then starting to telephone and text her saying how he found her attractive and sexy.

The alleged victim told the court that she had been a virgin when Pearey forced himself on her in his room at the Scarborough hotel, and that this had led to her becoming pregnant.

Adding that she had a miscarriage, the complainant told the jury that Pearey had told her he did not want the baby and told her to terminate the pregnancy.

However, the court was told that the pair eventually did have a consensual relationship which lasted for about a year after Pearey had moved jobs and was actually in a relationship with a woman in Whitby.

The woman, who told the court that their relationship had ended with an argument and some violence, said that she came forward with her allegations in 2009 because she was finding it hard to move on with her life because of the memories of what had allegedly happened to her.

When arrested, Pearey told the police that the girl had had a “crush” on him, but that there had never been any sexual activity between them.

The trial continues.