Couple in court on cannabis charge

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A police raid on a Scarborough flat revealed 36 cannabis plants, worth nearly £7,000, under cultivation, a court was told.

Before York Crown Court for sentencing on a charge of producing the drug were Vicky Lewin, 37, and her partner Aaron Cook, 30.

Simon Whalley, prosecuting, told the court how the police executed a warrant at the couple’s home in Eastborough on October 10 last year.

There officer found the plants, together with growing apparatus.

The court heard that the plants had a potential yield worth £6,800.

Lewin and Cook had told the investigating officers that this was the second crop to be grown in their flat.

At an earlier hearing the couple had previously pleaded guilty to the charge on a basis that others had set up the grows and they had merely watered them in return for some payment.

They had been given £1,500 in the case of the first crop.

Louise Revell, mitigating for Lewin who suffers from back problems and lives on Disability Living Allowance, said that her client had been hard-up when she had finally agreed to the plants being introduced to her home.

For Cook, Simon Revell said that his client, who is carer to Lewin, was fit a well and capable of doing unpaid work as punishment for what he had done.

Both defendants were placed under a 12-month community order by the judge at York Crown


Lewin was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and Cook 120 hours.

The judge also ordered the confiscation of £585 from each of the defendants under the Proceeds of Crime Act.