Couple sentenced after mother finds jar of drugs

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A Scarborough mother’s love resulted in her daughter and her boyfriend appearing before a court on Friday.

Leanne White’s mother had been asked to look after her home when she went on holiday and, out of the goodness of her heart, decided to clean the premises in readiness for her return.

However, on entering the home on Hinderwell Road on December 11, last year, the mother found a jar containing packets of a substance.

Alan Mitcheson, prosecuting at York Crown Court, said that “anxious to steer her 26-year-old daughter on the right path” the woman took the jar and its contents to the police station.

It was discovered that the substance was MCAT, which led to White’s home and that of her boyfriend, Liam Hirstle, 22, of Livingstone Road, being searched.

Further drugs and related items were found and on Friday the couple appeared for sentencing on a joint charge of being concerned in the supply of drugs.

Hirstle also appeared on one charge each of possessing MCAT with intent to supply and possession of cannabis.

The couple told the police that he had been obtaining the drugs to supply to friends at parties in order to help support his and White’s own habits, her home being used to handle the drugs.

Hirstle, who has no relevant drug convictions on his criminal record, was said by Matthew Donkin, mitigating, that there was never any suggestion of street dealing.

After being given an indication of sentence, Simon Revell, for White, said he had nothing to add.

Hirstle was sentenced to eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years, ordered to complete 300 hours of unpaid work and pay both costs of £250 and a statutory charge of £100.

He was also ordered to hand over £360, found by the police in his home, under The Proceeds of Crime Act.

White, who has no previous convictions, was placed under a 12-month community order, with 200 hours of unpaid work, and told to pay £250 costs and a £60 statutory charge.