Court told cocaine hidden in Kinder egg

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

POLICE got more than a small Kinder surprise when they carried out a search warrant on a Scarborough house – for apart from a small amount of cocaine hidden in one of the eggs, they also recovered almost £500 worth of cannabis, a court heard.

Clifford Paul Crane, 32, of Barrowcliff Road, appeared before York Crown Court for sentencing, having previously admitted one charge each of possessing the drugs.

Helen Wheatley, prosecuting, told how in the raid on his home on August 16 last year, when £11.58 worth of cocaine and £475.58 worth of cannabis were recovered.

Crane told the police that despite being unemployed and on Job Seeker Allowance, having his home repossessed and being declared bankrupt, he was still spending £70 a week on drugs.

The court heard that the police also recovered £3,500 in cash from the house, Crane telling the officers that he had made it “wheeling and dealing”.

He has since signed the cash over to the police.

Matthew Stephenson, mitigating, said his client had been trapped in, and badly burned, in a house fire as a child and used drugs to help control the pain he still suffers from his injuries.

Crane was placed on a 12 month community order with a requirement that he complete 150 hours of unpaid work.