Crafty crook caught out by ‘paper trail’

Scarborough Justice Centre. Picture Richard Ponter 141126a
Scarborough Justice Centre. Picture Richard Ponter 141126a

A scam artist was snared by CCTV after “pretending” to pay for a bottle of water – with a bit of paper.

Crafty Kieran Cassidy tried to fleece a supermarket out of a fiver, by attempting to pass the paper off as cash, then complaining the self-service machine had swallowed the tender.

Baffled staff initially took his word that he had been left out of pocket, letting him keep the mineral water and even handing him his £3.75 change.

But after taking a look at CCTV footage, police were called after they realised they had been scammed.

The Eastfield crook told police he “could have sworn” he’d put the money in to pay.

But after watching back footage of him “fondling” around at the checkout, the 27-year-old admitted fraud when he appeared before Scarborough magistrates for the April 23 offence.

At the May 29 hearing, the court heard how Cassidy’s 
recollection of the scam had been blurred, following heavy boozing the night before the incident.

The court heard how Cassidy had a string of previous convictions for offences such as affray and low-level thefts.

His solicitor Marcus Topham said his client’s actions had been “reckless”.

In mitigation, Mr Topham said that Cassidy had offered 
to pay Tesco £10 in compensation in a bid to make 
amends after watching the footage.

But the store refused his offer, with the court hearing the retail giant has a “strict” policy of prosecuting those found to be breaking the law in its 

And magistrates also showed little compassion to Cassidy, of Ryefield Close.

Tattooed Cassidy, whom the court heard receives benefits, ended up paying heavily for the £1.25 bottle of water.

He was fined £35, ordered to pay £85 costs and made to pay a £20 sur-

He also had to pay £5 in compensation to Tesco, 
with the bench warning him not to “bury his head in the 
sand” with his outstanding money.

Despite being hit in the pocket, Cassidy seemed relatively pleased with his sentence, shouting “Nice one Marcus” to his solicitor as he left court.