Crime prevention advice is issued for summer months

Don't leave windows open to tempt thieves during the summer months
Don't leave windows open to tempt thieves during the summer months

Scarborough’s Community Safety Partnership is reminding residents to lock it or lose it during the remainder of the summer.

The partnership wants residents to Keep it Hidden, Keep it locked over the coming weeks.

A spokesman said: “People are more likely to leave windows and doors open during warm weather and even if they are only in the garden, it presents an opportunity for thieves and burglars.”

It has issued a number of handy hints to help prevent people becoming part of the latest crime statistics. The advice includes:

• don’t leave valuables in view of a window – at night draw all curtains before you go to bed

• mark valuable items with your postcode and house number – permanent marking kits are relatively inexpensive and could help trace stolen possessions

• throw away empty boxes and don’t leave them outside your home in public view because they could advertise the fact that you have new valuables

• lock up sheds and garages so thieves cannot get to ladders and tools which they could use to break into your home

• a secure home will reduce the chance of getting burgled but if you get home and notice signs of a break-in don’t go in or call out – the intruder could still be inside – phone the police, don’t touch anything or tidy up

• lock doors and windows

• if you are away double check you have locked all windows and doors before you leave and ask trusted neighbours to keep an eye on your home

• if you are out for the evening make sure someone knows where you are going and when you will be home, always plan how you will get home before going out and don’t leave bags over the back of your chair – keep purses and wallets close to your body

• lock all doors and windows even if you are just popping out for a minute

• fit deadlocks to all outer doors and do not leave the deadlock key in an obvious place

• fit key operated locks to windows

• install a burglar alarm and turn it on

• do not leave spare keys near windows or in the garage or shed

• leave lights and radios on a timer

• protect your garden – install a fence, lock your gate and ensure all sheds and outbuildings are locked

• make sure high value items such as TVs or radios are not visible from windows

• if you keep pedal cycles in your garage or garden shed, as well as locking the outbuilding, secure the cycle with a good quality cycle lock

• make a note of the make, model and serial number of all electrical equipment

• close curtains and blinds, leaving a light on, when you are out on a night.