Crime revealed by disorder map

Screenshot of the Eastfiled area crime figures for December 2010
Screenshot of the Eastfiled area crime figures for December 2010

THE AREAS in and around Scarborough which were hotspots for crime and anti-social behaviour in December have emerged.

Yesterday the Evening News reported on the high levels of crime in the town centre, particularly St Thomas Street and St Nicholas Street, which were revealed by a new street-by-street police crime map.

In the immediate vicinity of Scarborough town centre, 187 crimes were committed and 157 reports of anti-social behaviour were made in the one month period.

However the map shows that crime and anti-social behaviour was not confined to the town centre, with a fascinating picture of crime trends in Scarborough being painted by the data.

One of the busiest areas for disorder was Eastfield, where 91 separate incidents occurred over the month.

More than 20 of these took place in Link Walk. The street had the worst statistics outside of the town centre.

The figures included 14 reports of anti-social behaviour, two violent crimes and one vehicle crime.

In High Garth, eight incidents were recorded and six took place in Caymer Road, including two violent crimes.

Eastfield had a high rate of violent crimes compared to other areas, with 12 being committed overall. However only two burglaries took place in Eastfield and there were no robberies.

Cllr Brian Simpson represents the Eastfield ward on Scarborough Council and holds the cabinet portfolio for safer communities.

He said yesterday that crime is on the decrease in Eastfield.

“It is no secret that we do have hotspots, but that is no different to any other area,” he said.

“The police have been doing an excellent job, working with community groups and the parish council. Crime has reduced so their efforts are paying off.”

Cllr Simpson added that he was not convinced of the merits of the street mapping system.

“It could give people the wrong impression of the area,” he said.

“One or two minor things might get reported and then it looks like there’s a massive crime wave on one particular street.

“It could also have an impact on the value of somebody’s house. I don’t think that has been properly taken into account.

“We’ve done a lot of work to change the image of the area, and crime in Eastfield is reducing. The approach we are taking is working.

“Everywhere in England is going to have some areas of crime, but we will keep a watching brief on the figures.”

Four burglaries – twice the number of burglaries in the whole of Eastfield – were reported in Mill Lane in Cayton. However this may be attributed to the presence of the nearby caravan park, which can prove a target for burglars.

A total of 10 crimes and reports of anti-social behaviour were reported in the whole of Cayton in December.

In the South Cliff area, 26 reports of anti-social behaviour were made and 21 crimes were committed.

They included three burglaries, a robbery and four violent crimes.

Nine crimes, including two violent crimes and three instances of anti-social behaviour, took place in Valley Bridge Parade.

In Barrowcliff, 30 incidents were recorded including one burglary and seven violent crimes.

Four instances of anti-social behaviour and two violent crimes were reported in St Luke’s Crescent, off old Scalby Road.

In Newby, 33 separate reports were made including three burglaries, two of which took place on or around Hackness Road.

Not a single violent crime or instance of vehicle crime was reported. The vast majority of incidents in Newby were reports of anti-social behaviour, which is not classed as a crime.

In Crossgates, five crimes were recorded, including two vehicle crimes, with just two instances of anti-social behaviour over the month.

Three crimes were recorded in Seamer with the same number of anti-social behaviour reports made.

Just two crimes and three reports of anti-social behaviour took place in Burniston in December.

Two crimes occurred in Osgodby and there were no reports of anti-social behaviour.

In East Ayton, one crime and one report of anti-social behaviour was recorded.

In neighbouring West Ayton one crime was also recorded. However there were four reports of anti-social behaviour.

No crimes or reports of anti-social behaviour at all occurred in the Cloughton area in December.