Curfew after man’s perfume burglary

A THIEF caused a stink by breaking into a popular Scarborough department store and helping himself to almost £800 worth of fragrances.

Lee Greaves, 38, of Queen Street in Scarborough, was told that he must spend his evenings indoors for the next three months after magistrates heard details of the odious offence.

He broke into the store by smashing a window before stuffing his aromatic haul into three Boyes carrier bags a month ago.

Greaves pleaded guilty to burglary yesterday afternoon at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecutor Kathryn Reeve said: “The rear glass door had been smashed and a large amount of aftershave and perfume was taken.”

After the store’s intruder alarm activated, police caught up with Greaves and arrested him before he had the chance to sample any of the spray, which was returned to Boyes intact.

Miss Reeve added: “The defendant confirmed an injury to his leg was sustained when he broke the window.

“He said he had taken a drug prior to the offence and could hardly talk when he was in custody. His heroin addiction was discussed. He said he was spending £150 a day prior to Christmas and was trying to get off heroin.”

But Marcus Topham, who represented Greaves, said his client had not taken heroin for a “significant period of time”.

He added: “This has all the hallmarks of a pre-meditated burglary to fuel the misuse of drugs, but they are not what my instructions are. This was not pre-meditated and he is not an occupational burglar.

“He says he gave that explanation to police to prevent them from digging any further into the reasons he committed the offence.”

Mr Topham said his client had wanted to get himself locked up because of “pressures” which stemmed from his relationship after his girlfriend started taking heroin.

He claimed a serious arm injury which Greaves sustained after the burglary had been inflicted in an assault by his girlfriend’s drug dealer, to whom she owed money.

Mr Topham added: “Scarborough Hospital told him there was no fracture, but four days later he has gone to hospital in Leeds and they had to sever both sides of his hand to relieve pressure.

“He has lost the entire use of his right hand. He is living with an old friend in Leeds until the hand improves.”

Greaves was given a 7pm to 6am curfew at the Leeds address and will pay £100 compensation and £85 costs.