‘Dark force’ told man to kill tenant

THE voices of “a dark force” present in a Scarborough flat allegedly told a former tenant to kill the current occupier, a crown court heard.

Mark Sellers, 41, turned up at the premises in Westbourne Grove on November 4 last year and after speaking briefly to the new occupier, left.

However, said Anthony Kelbrick, prosecuting at York Crown Court, as the new tenant returned indoors a stone came through the living room window.

Outside was Sellers, of Aberdeen Walk, shouting: “I’m going to stab you.”

The police were called and arrived to find Sellers still shouting his threats and armed with a 20cm bladed bread knife.

Sellers initially told the police that he had the knife for his own protection, but then, said Mr Kelbrick, went on to claim that he had once lived in the flat and that there was a “dark force” in it.

He claimed he had heard voices from that force telling him to “go and kill” the present tenant.

However, Sellers later claimed that he would not have killed anyone, but would have given them a “good seeing to”.

While on remand awaiting sentence and the preparation of a psychiatric report, he was transferred to a secure mental establishment and diagnosed as a potential danger to the public and probably suffering from paranoid schizophrenia.

Louise Revell, mitigating, asked the court to pass an order which would mean Sellers could be detained and treated in an appropriate place.

Passing sentence, Recorder Graeme Hyland QC said that it was a “serious case, but not without its elements of sadness”.

Passing a hospital order, the recorder also imposed a restriction order which will mean Sellers will be detained indefinitely until doctors conclude that he is safe enough to be released into the community.