‘Did I have to die for them to go to prison?’

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A teenager, tortured by a gang in a Reservoir Dogs-style attack, has broken his silence to demand a review of their “pathetic” sentence.

The 19-year-old still bears the scars of the eight-hour attack, when the gang of four pressed hot curling tongs against him, before he was forced to drink washing up liquid as he thrashed around, bound to a chair by his heckling tormentors.

Throughout his violent ordeal, he believed he would die at their hands.

All but one of his assailants were spared jail, and in an exclusive interview, the disabled youngster has said he feels let down by the judicial system.

“The sentence is way too light, a total joke.

“What do people have to do to go to prison?” asked the victim, after ringleader Brendan Teale, 27, was jailed – while his three female accomplices left court with their freedom intact.

At York Crown Court Scarborough’s Lorraine Earles, Leah White and Natalie Lilley were handed sentences that included community work for the attack at White’s Trafalgar Road flat.

But memories of the 2013 assault, which was sparked by what he claims were unfounded rumours involving him and a young girl, have forced him out of Scarborough.

And 18 months since the attack, the victim – whom we have agreed not to name – has recalled that November night that he claims has left him scarred physically and mentally.

“They basically told me that they were going to kill me if I didn’t kill myself,” said the youngster.

He was repeatedly beaten and burnt while a pizza cutter was pressed against his face after being lured to their den.

“I’m still hearing voices today basically saying ‘kill someone, or kill yourself’ – I’m just lucky that I can control it.”

That control is partially down to help from mental health services, although he admits he will never get over the attack –nor will he “ever forgive” his assailants.

“Nobody will see how bad my life has become.

“I’ve had no compensation, nothing,” said the benefit claimant, who only escaped after being untied before his captors dozed off.

“I’ve been left a mess by this, my mental state is not good, and the sentence is way, way too soft.”

The gang were originally charged with false imprisonment but this charge was eventually dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service and they each pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

White and Lilley both had clean records up until the attack, while Earles, the court heard, had already spent five months on remand and had severe mental-health issues.

Recorder Bernard Gateshill told the defendants: “You all participated in an attack upon (the victim) which was designed to embarrass and humiliate him.”

But only Malton man Teale was jailed, for 12 months, for this and an unrelated Filey burglary.

Lilley, of Trafalgar Square, Scarborough, was given a two-year community order with supervision and 100 hours’ unpaid work.

White was also given a two-year community punishment and ordered to take part in a 16-day course.