‘Don’t go near mum’

Scarborough Magistrates Court
Scarborough Magistrates Court

A SCARBOROUGH woman has been issued with a restraining order stopping her from contacting her own mum after using threatening words and behaviour towards her.

Shelley Louise Muscroft, 25, of Friar’s Gardens, admitted the offence which took place on February 4 at a block of flats in Westwood.

The court heard how Muscroft had moved into the flats where her mother is also a tenant.

Martin Butterworth, prosecuting, said that on the day in question the landlord, who also lives there, had come into the building at around 2pm.

In a witness statement he said: “She started asking about a new door handle. She was drunk and aggressive and her voice was loud and screechy.

“She started banging on the door, shouting and swearing, so I called 999.”

Her mother also made a statement which was read out in court, saying: “She came to my flat door and was kicking it and screaming. She was ranting about a 50 pence piece in the meter.

“I feared for my safety and thought she might have carried out her threats.”

Mr Butterworth said that Muscroft had shouted “I’m going to murder you and set the place on fire”.

Franklyn Garvey, mitigating, told magistrates that if they imposed a restraining order his client would effectively be turned out of her flat and become homeless.

He explained that she is currently staying with a friend at Friar’s Gardens but only on a temporary basis.

Muscroft was ordered to carry out 160 hours of unpaid work over 12 months and pay costs of £40.

She was also given a two-year restraining order which prevents her from contacting both complainants and going within 100 metres of their address.