Driver keeps licence after causing three car pile up

A DRIVER has escaped disqualification after appearing in court for causing a three car collision on Racecourse Road following a “moment of stupidity”.

Richard Lake, 22, of Highfield, pleaded guilty before Scarborough Magistrates to a charges of driving without due care and attention and failing to comply with solid white line road markings.

The court heard how Lake had lost control during an overtaking manouvre in his Peugeot 106, on a wet road on December 29 last year at around 9pm.

Katy Varlow, prosecuting told magistrates how all three cars involved had been travelling towards East Ayton.

She said the witness in the first car stated they were travelling at around 60 miles per hours and were being followed very closely by the Peugeot before it overtook them.

The witness is repored to have said “he came past us like an idiot, travelling at about 80 miles per hour”.

Mrs Varlow said: “The Peugeot pulled back in but lost control and collided with the near side kerb. The car then rolled before coming to rest in the carriageway.

“The vehicle behind had to break hard causing the third vehicle to go in to the back of the second vehicle.

“It is terribly lucky there were no serious or indeed fatal injuries.”

Lake, who represented himself during the court hearing, agreed it was lucky no one was seriously hurt.

In his address to the magistrates he said: “It was a moment of stupidity, not paying enough attention to the road conditions or my surrounding area.”

He explained he is a self employed joiner and without a licence he couldn’t work.

Lake added: “I wouldn’t be able to get my tools out to jobs, or even do the job at all in some cases. I don’t think I could work without a vehicle.”

After hearing the evidence Magistrates told Lake they were “giving him the benefit of the doubt”. They said: “You are self employed and we recognise the importance of maintaining that. But this was a serious event. You must drive more carefully.”

Lake was given nine penalty points and a £350 fine, plus £15 victim surcharge and £45 costs.