Driving ban for teenager

A SCARBOROUGH teenager has been banned from driving for six months after riding a motor scooter without displaying L plates.

Lewis Robinson, 19, of Ling Hill, Newby, told police he had an L plate fixed to the vehicle at the start of his journey, which must have “fallen off”.

The teenager was stopped in Stepney Drive at around 9.20pm after an officer noticed a problem with the lights.

Robinson told the officer he was a provisional licence holder, but had completed his training for this class of bike.

The policeman pointed out the mud-covered remnants of an L plate on the scooter, but did not accept Robinson’s explanation that one had fallen off en route.

Robinson, representing himself, told magistrates that he had been working on a farm in Brompton that day and had been displaying an L plate when he set off back to Scarborough.

Magistrates gave Robinson three points on his licence, bringing the total to 12.

He was also fined £60 and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £45 costs.