Drug dealer jailed for selling heroin in Scarborough

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Court latest

A Liverpudlian drug dealer who “peddled misery” on the streets of Scarborough has been jailed for nearly five years.

Dylan Hopkins, 28, netted up to £10,000 selling heroin after making several trips between Merseyside and the east coast over a seven-week period.

Hopkins, from Huyton, Knowsley, was arrested on February 21 and admitted he had been travelling between Liverpool and Scarborough to sell the Class A drug.

Hopkins told police he had initially travelled from Liverpool with £700 worth of heroin, said prosecutor Adam Walker.

Hopkins, who was remanded in custody since his arrest, appeared for sentence on Wednesday after pleading guilty to possessing heroin with intent to supply.

The court heard that Hopkins had 17 previous convictions dating back 11 years, including robbery and possessing amphetamine with intent to supply.

A Scarborough police detective said that Class A drug dealing in Scarborough was having a damaging effect on public services and had led to an increase in drug-related violence.

Judge Paul Batty QC said: “As the resident judge in York, I am becoming increasingly concerned about the number of cases involving Liverpool drug dealers travelling to the east coast in order to supply street dealers and deal themselves in Class A drugs.”

He said the “corrosive” effect this was having on Scarborough and other east-coast towns could not be under-estimated.

“It is a profoundly depressing picture and the courts must do everything they can to send out a clear message that those who travel across the Pennines to deal in human misery, do so at their peril,” he added.

Hopkins was jailed for four years and eight months. He will serve half of that sentence before being released.