Drunk mum crashed car with children in

Scarborough Mags
Scarborough Mags

A mum crashed her car while driving two child passengers – including her daughter – after downing vodka.

A judge told Victoria Waldock that she put the children at “significant risk” by getting behind the wheel of her Citroen Xsara when she was more than twice the 
legal limit.

The 37-year-old, of 
Filey Road, has been banned from driving until July 2016 for the offence on October 1, which happened after she knocked back a quarter of a bottle with her tea.

She wept as Scarborough magistrates heard that she had crashed into barriers as she chaperoned the children to Scarborough Fair on October 1.

The mother-of-three topped up her teatime tipple after dropping off the youngsters at a friend’s house, where she enjoyed a few more vodka and tonics.

At the morning hearing on Thursday October 23, the court heard how Waldock had been suffering from panic attacks, with her solicitor Caroline Wyatt claiming alcohol “steadied her nerves”.

“She would say that she didn’t feel under the influence of alcohol”, said Miss Wyatt in mitigation.

But a police reading proved otherwise, with a breath test revealing the resident had 88 microgrammes of alcohol in her breath.

It is equivalent to roughly two and a half times the legal limit, and was enough to land her in court where she admitted drink driving.

With her husband in court with her, the self-employed telesales worker’s solicitor told the court that a driving ban could have major ramifications on both her job and also her parental duties.

And numerous statements from friends and family said that the offence had been “out of character”.

Before the offence, Waldock’s driving licence was impeccable, with no endorsements.

This good character meant the experience of being arrested and being hauled before the court had left her mortified, claimed Miss Wyatt.

She added: “It has been a very daunting experience.”

But Judge Cousins said that Waldock had put the youngsters in danger by driving while drunk, and fined her £150, along 
with a £20 surcharge and £85 costs.