Drunk trespasser finds web stardom

YouTube screenshot - Bobbie Brewington finds drunk in house
YouTube screenshot - Bobbie Brewington finds drunk in house

A VIDEO of a drunken intruder who fell asleep on the floor of a Scarborough living room has become an internet smash hit.

A VIDEO of a drunken intruder who fell asleep on the floor of a Scarborough living room has become an internet smash hit.

Since the early hours of Sunday, 150,000 people have watched the clip on YouTube, which shows police waking the trespasser up from an alcohol-induced sleep.

Bobbie Brewington, who lives in the Valley Road area, said: “It was about midnight on Saturday. We were all asleep and we just heard a crash.

“I got up and there was a guy passed out in the living room – I jumped out of my skin when I saw him. I have no idea who he was.”

Bobbie called the police and made sure wife Elizabeth and two-year-old daughter Suki-Rose were safely outside before setting up the camera.

“I filmed him for our own protection just in case he got up and did anything,” he added. “I’d left the door unlocked by accident but I don’t know why he chose our house.

“The police came and dealt with it and a few hours later I put the video online. Soon it was on the front page of YouTube and within 18 hours it had 75,000 hits.”

The video has also attracted hundreds of comments from internet users all over the world.

Many of them praised the patient approach adopted by the two police officers who responded to the incident.

They are seen calmly waking the man up before gently escorting him from the property.

Inspector Tony Quinn, of Scarborough Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “We are satisfied there was no criminal intention on the part of the man who had entered the property by accident.

“He was clearly suffering from the affects of alcohol and was subsequently returned safely to the hotel where he was staying.”

Bobbie, who works at Waterstone’s in Westborough, added: “I was very impressed with the way the police dealt with it.

“I’m originally from America, and if it had happened there the police might not have been so understanding.”

His sentiments were echoed by others who watched the video, which is entitled Our Midnight Visitor.

One person commented: “Glad the police treated him like a human being and not just an inconvenience.”

Another wrote: “Those are the nicest cops I have ever seen.”

An American YouTube user added: “Police are so nice over there, here he would have caught a beat down.”

Another resident of the United States said: “I really like the British police, they are polite and do their job. Unlike the US where I live - they would just tazer him.”

In response to the positive comments, Insp Quinn said: “It is pleasing to see our officers’ actions praised by members of the public.

“Our officers’ conduct shows both their caring and professional attitude when faced with just one of the many varied and unusual situations which the police service deal with on a daily basis.

“They are excellent ambassadors for the police service and a credit to North Yorkshire Police.”