Duo in court for using fake notes in town’s shops

York Crown Court
York Crown Court

A man has been jailed and his former girlfriend given unpaid work after they were caught using fake money in Scarborough.

Olivia Dailey, 22, of Coldyhill Lane, and her now former boyfriend, Ben Middleton, 29, of Sandybed Lane, were caught after passing counterfeit £20 notes in shops in the Brunswick Shopping Centre on August 4 last year.

After visiting the Clinton Cards shop and successfully passing one note, the couple moved on to The Fragrance Shop but failed in their bid to use a further three notes.

The police, notified by the shops, then used CCTV to trace Dailey and Middleton to the Marks and Spencer store where they were arrested in possession of counterfeit notes.

Dailey appeared before York Crown Court for sentencing on one charge of possessing five counterfeit notes and one of passing a note. Middleton appeared on a charge of possessing nine counterfeit notes and one of passing three of them.

Julia Harrow, for Dailey, said her client was remorseful for the offences which showed a degree of “naivety and stupidity”.

She asked the court not to jail Dailey to enable her to take up a new housekeeping and restaurant workers post.

For Middleton, Glenn Parsons said the money had come into his client’s possession during a card game.

He added that the self-employed plumber stood to lose his business if jailed for taking “a chance” of getting rid of the counterfeit notes by passing them on.

Passing sentence, Judge James Spencer QC told Dailey that she had “been a fool”, she replying through her tears: “I know”.

The judge told Middleton that through his life experience, being self-employed and used to handling large amounts of cash he knew the importance of money, yet he was prepared to pass counterfeit notes to other businesses.

Dailey was placed under a 12 month community order with a requirement to complete 100 hours of unpaid work. Middleton was jailed for 12 months.