Evicted man trashed room

A MAN who was evicted from the hotel room he lived in has appeared in court for causing nearly £1,000 damage to the room.

Rudi Brown, 21, now of Trinity Road, appeared before Scarborough magistrates in relation to the damage he caused at the Chatsworth Hotel, in Wyedale Avenue, in February this year.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of criminal damage.

Prosecuting, Sandra White told the court the hotel had been taken over by a new owner, who had to ask some of the residents to leave, one of which was Brown.

She said: “Rudi Brown was residing at the hotel under a council arrangement.

“Some time in February he was contacted by the council stating they had seen video footage of him damaging the room.

“They asked the manager to check the room.

“There was damage to the carpet, the sink had been pulled off the wall, internal doors had been damaged, a leak had been caused as a result of the sink which in turn damaged the plaster board, and the shower was pulled off.”

The damage was estimated to be up to £1,000.

Mitigating, Caroline Wyatt told magistrates Brown has now turned his life around.

She said: “He had been going through a bad patch. His mother died the year previous and it was a difficult time for him.

“He was drinking a lot and taking drugs.

“He has now managed to find accommodation and is in full-time employment.

“He is no longer drinking or taking drugs. He realised he had to change and realised he had to grow up, and did that of his own accord.”

Brown was condtionally discharged for 12 months, and ordered to pay £400 compensation.