Fake ID lands immigrant behind bars

A TAKEAWAY worker who was deported back to Turkey returned and tried to find work in Scarborough using a fake ID, a court heard.

Bulent Gunduz, of Belle Vue Street, was jailed for eight months after pleading guilty to possessing a false identity document.

The 37-year-old had been working at the Eastfield Pizza Shop.

In October last year, he attended at the Scarborough Job Centre Plus and attempted to obtain a National Insurance number by using a false Bulgarian identity card.

Staff were suspicious and sent the card on to their fraud department.

Following investigations in to the document Gunduz was eventually arrested.

The court heard that after initially entering this country as an illegal immigrant, Gunduz was deported back to his native Turkey in 2007.

However, later the same year he re-entered this country on a visa, but after that expired he failed to go home.

Instead he attempted to use the false identity card in a false name in an attempt to make himself legal.

Taryn Turner, mitigating, said that during his first period illegally in this country, Gunduz had started up and run a takeaway business in Nottingham.

Following his deportation he returned to this country and began working at the Scarborough pizza shop.

Mrs Turner told the court that he had never claimed benefits, had paid his taxes and had only ever wanted to make his own way.

Jailing Gunduz for eight months, Judge Scott Wolstenholme said that many people wished to come to this country to work.

He said the system would simply fall into chaos if people could get away with using false documents in order to do it.

Acknowledging that Gunduz’s case was not as serious as many, Judge Wolstenholme said that the length of the sentence, together with the days already spent on remand by Gunduz taken into account, would mean that he would be released in only a matter of weeks.