False statements pair jailed

Two Scarborough men have been jailed for perverting the course of justice.

York Crown Court was told how police officers in Harrogate became suspicious about a van riding low on its rear suspension on May 15 last year.

They caused the vehicle to stop and quizzed the driver, Wayne Lycett, who told them that he had bought the lead found in the back of the van from a man in a lay-by.

Five days later, Russell Richer made a statement that the lead had been dug out of his field and had been sold on by him.

However, it eventually became obvious that the lead had in fact been stolen from BT property in Brompton by Sawdon.

Both Lycett, 24, of The Green, and Richer, 46, of Castlegate, both admitted perverting justice, although it was some time before Lycett finally admitted handling stolen lead.

Glenn Parsons, for Lycett said his client was a self-employed builder and plasterer, and a custodial sentence would damage his business.

He added that his client, who had never been into custody before, did not have a bad record and had become involved in handling the lead as an opportunity to make easy money during a lean period.

Richer, who was not represented in court, has 51 offences on his record.

Lycett was jailed for six months and Richer for four months.